About Us.

Meet Kandra Sellers


Kandra Sellers, RDH, BA is widely considered one of the most passionate and successful coaches any practice could partner with.  With over 25 years in the dental industry, Kandra has had many different career roles due to the fantastic mentors she has met along the way. Kandra fell in love with coaching as a successful executive coach for the nation’s largest practice management company. She is no longer seen as “just a dental hygienist,” which is a profession certainly not to be minimized. Instead, Kandra is now viewed as a predominent educator in the field of oral systemic health, as well as creator and CEO of Pristine Interprofessional Academy.  With the Academy Kandra is able to Educate, Implement processes, and professionally coach doctors and team members to the next level of where the dental profession is heading.  Pristine Interprofessional Academy, with its focus on advanced hygiene techniques and medical billing is truly the gateway to dental – medical collaborative success.   

Kandra Sellers - TIPS Medical Billing

In creating the Academy, Kandra has not only created a hygiene program focused on delivering the value of the Oral Systemic link, she has also designed an implementation program for successfully billing the medical procedures that dentists do every day. Dental practice owners seeking a coach that can elevate their practice production and revenue through solid protocols for optimal oral systemic solutions and medical billing are raving about Kandra’s ability to move both doctors and team members towards excellence on every level.

Kandra believes and lives her mantra of: “Always give and provide beyond the standard of care: The standard of care is the bare minimum, which is not acceptable.  Patients depend on us to provide outstanding care, creating massive value on every level and, through continuous growth of our knowledge and belief systems, our patients will benefit in the care we provide making dreams a reality on so many levels!”

Because of her ability to listen to what people are saying and the passion she exudes, Kandra has that unique and special talent to help others grow into their full potential and getting them excited about all that is possible with dental medical collaboration… leading to success.   

While not spending her professional time in practices coaching, Kandra is a highly sought out speaker, motivator and author.  Kandra is focused on living every day with passion, never letting the grass grow under her feet. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family & friends as well tending to her home and caring for her 4 children. Kandra and her husband, John, donate their spare time as staunch advocates of children on the Autism Spectrum.

Meet Denise Snarski

As a Customer Support Manager, here at TIPS, I am eager to share my 30 years of experience in the dental field with all of you.   


My knowledge and expertise ranges from being a profitable, patient centric, Registered Dental Hygienist, to an implant marketing and insurance specialist.  I am ready to help you increase the bottom line in your dental practice, while taking the very best care of your patients. I can show you how to bill dental procedures to medical insurance knowing very well, that dental insurance has its limitations. It’s time to change our mindset to become a medical practice where a proper diagnosis is given to each patient and dental treatment is not given away. Let’s get paid for the hard work we do daily.  


My style is collaborative, transparent, and genuine.  

One of my missions in life is to help people get the dental care they need and want, and billing medical insurance is where to start. It is a very gratifying feeling knowing dental disease is declining because more people are being cared for.  


My diverse background, which also includes, a practice management coach, will help you strategize and grow year after year.   

It will be my pleasure to help you in any way that I can. I am ready to walk with you as you embark on the journey of medical billing.  

At Tandem In-Practice Solutions (T.I.P.S.) we are uniting passionate oral systemic professionals to create change, through a collaborative environment, to change how medical & dental align to enhance patient reimbursement through medical billing.  

T.I.P.S. core values are based on Integrity, strong Ethical beliefs, and complete Transparency.

Our purpose it to provide proven pathways to successful implementation through continued coaching and support…. Leading to Success!

One-On-One Coaching

We are here for you every step of the way. The true sucess with medical billing has been proven with 1:1 coaching of the entire team. All memebers of the team play a critical role in this process. With our guidance we will ensure you have great documentation that meets medical necessity, which get claims paid. From documentation, to the nuances of medical insurance, you and your team will have a systematic approach that will leave you with ROI for the lifetime of your practice, far exceeding dental reimbursements.

Medical Billing Service

No matter where your practice is on the journey with medical billing, TIPS is ready to support you. Whether you want to keep the billing in your practice or if you want to have a third party billing company, we have the solutions. No matter the approach, TIPS is ready to take the jump in tandem with you!

By having helped hundreds of Dentists nationwide, we have created and tested an efficient medical billing system which will not only increase your practice’s cashflow, but give you confidence knowing the process will be easy and handled by a specialized professional team.

Success Story | Patient Testimonial

Kandra Sellers has been simply invaluable to me as my advocate in addressing a complex medical insurance situation. She dealt with the insurer in the most professional, knowledgeable way, and was tireless in her efforts on my behalf. Benefit delays, the insurer’s lack of helpful communication, and their confusing jargon were all bewildering and dispiriting to me, the wide-eyed layperson, but those obstacles were only clear-cut challenges for Kandra — challenges she ultimately mastered, to my great relief and satisfaction. I’m very certain my benefits outcome would have been far less positive without her. As an added bonus, she is delightful to deal with; she helped me maintain perspective and a sense of humor throughout a long, drawn-out campaign to claim my rightful benefits. In short, I can heartily recommend her professional services with confidence and honest enthusiasm.

- Jane L.